Icon series

Add to Cart uses the icon of a shopping cart as it appears on the “add to cart” button seen on retail sites throughout the Internet. This icon has become a universal symbol of “the purchase.” Here, the icon takes on a panoply of stock effects used in electronic billboard advertising--bright, shifting colors; pulsating lights; jittery, hyperkinetic animation effects. The forms of advertising appear, but entirely emptied of content.
Wait Until Finished features the hourglass icon that indicates when a process is in progress and the user must wait. The hourglass endlessly rotates, while the sand empties from top to bottom, evoking some of the daily frustrations of dealing with glitches in technology, as well as referencing the art historical use of the symbol as an allusion to mortality.
The padlock icon used in Secure Site suggests the ambiguous relationship between security and confinement. The background colors change each time the lock opens and closes, working their way up and down the old Department of Homeland Security’s notorious color-coded Threat Level spectrum.

People. Over the course of one minute, the icons enter the screen and "gather" in the visual field. The action suggests communities that are formed through the use of social media, as well as the organization and mobilization of actual crowds through the same means.