Android Portraits

The Android Portrait series developed through ongoing research and interaction with humanoid robots and their creators around the world, subverts portraiture's traditional mission of ennobling the human, while stirring contemplation of a possible future of humanity. 

I personally meets with various androids in their respective worldwide locations, during which time I interview and make sketches of them, creating a contemporary counterpart to the itinerant portrait artist's having a "sitting" with one of his subjects.

Recently I've had portrait sittings with the android doppelganger of philosopher and author Phillip K. Dick; Sophia, the most recent creation of Hanson Robotics and one of the most advanced androids in the world; and BINA48, a mind clone of Bina Rothblatt, the wife of transhumanist Martine Rothblatt.

The portraits of BINA48 I created during her sittings at Art/Design Basel Miami, Art Helsinki in Finland and at the Terasem Movement Foundation in  Vermont.

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